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An interactive Walking Dead experience.
Rated T.  Warning: Explicit language.
Pairings: Felix & Marzia, Red & Russ. May be hints of slash.


You and 63.2% of the readers chose B:
c) "Bigger groups will drag each other down..." - 18.4%
a) "I don't know... The journey seems a little risky." - 3.9%
d) "You want me to go out there?! No way! That's not safe!!" - 1.3%


Chapter 1, B: Quarrel in the crew

You've chosen to trust Pewdie's idea.

"That's a good idea." Marzia smiles, and Felix's face lightened. "Let's stay together."

He got up, and said with excitement. "Great! We can take one of the working cars on the street. The drive might take half a day... if not a whole." He looks out into the pitch black night. "If we go now we can sneak past the walkers in the dark, and arrive in the afternoon. Let's go."

They hastily pack. Felix stuffed a few packets of rations into a backpack and slung it onto his back. Marzia returns with a kitchen knife held with two shaky hands. "I can't find anything else."

Felix gestures for her to keep the weapon. "You might need it more than I do."

He turns, and shakes his head at their barricade. "Sorry Mr. Chair." He murmured as he grabbed and slung the furniture at the floor. Bits and pieces of its corpse lay broken on the floor, sprinkled with splinters.

Felix picked the leg up and gave Marzia an impish smile. "Had to be done."


With all luck on their side, the pair managed to arrive just before dusk sets in. Carefully making their way around the streets, they arrived at the crossroads where they arranged to meet. Felix turned off the car, "Get down." He whispered.

Walkers began to crowd around the foreign vehicle, clawing and groaning at the glass panes with blind eyes. Felix covered Marzia's trembling body with his own, and hushed her whimper as one of them smashed through the back window. He cursed as the windows began to crack under the pressure.

A loud bang and clang sounded in the distance, followed by quieter, rhythmic metallic knocks. The walkers turn to face the noise. For a breathless second, Felix and Marzia froze, and remained so until they began to march away and mindlessly crowd around the source of the sound.


Felix got up, reluctantly. And saw a familiar bearded figure waving at them from a gate on the other side of the street. "That's Ken?" Marzia whispered, looking through the same broken window. Felix smiled.

"That's our cue to get the fuck outta here."

They crawled stealthily out from their car, and crept around the crowd of walkers that seemed, from a glimpse, to be huddled around a wind-up toy tied to a pan. As they arrived at the building, Ken locked the gate behind them and greeted the guests. "So glad you made it in one piece. You are in one, clean piece. Right?" He grins warmly behind a fuzzy beard as the two of them giggled and nodded. "Great! Let's go ahead in, I'll introduce you to the crew."

They entered a small, unlit cafe. Their windows were barricaded neatly with wooden planks and boxes of rations piled up in some booths, and others occupied with weary eyes and worried faces. It wasn't a great sight. "Everyone's tired." Ken said. "We've spent the whole day patching this place up. Raven here, and Snake. Worked real hard on it." He nods over at the third booth. A woman was cured up on the torn and stained sofa, sat opposite was a man, nodding off.

"You didn't tell me they'd got here already!" A voice came from behind them, and appeared with it was a young man carrying a box, with short, brown curls and dark eyes. He smiles at them. Ken laughs and pats the man on the back. "And this man here's Battlestar. B-Star, this is-"

"Pewdiepie," He puts down the box and greets the guests. "I've heard lots about you."

"From Cry?"

"From everyone." Battlestar chuckles. "And are you... Pewdie's girlfriend?"

One of the back room's doors abruptly opened. And spurts of shouts erupted from the door. A red-haired lady calmly slips out from the room and shuts the door behind her, leaning against it with folded arms.

"They're still at it?" Ken asks Battlestar. To which he nods his head and sighs, "I'll speak to you guys later." He smiles again, and goes back to work. Ken leads them to the red-head, she scans the two with sharp, inquisitive green eyes, then finally introduced herself. "You must be Pewds and Marzia." She shakes their hands, then returned to leaning against the door. "You can call me Red."

The muffled shouts began to grow louder. Red impatiently kicks the door behind her, it died down. "...Manners. We have guests." She said playfully to break the silence.

"What's going on? Where's Cry?"

"In there." Ken said. "With Russ and Jund. They've been arguing since this morning. I would try to talk some sense into them but to be honest... I just don't want to get involved."

"Who does?" Red snorted. "It's gotten too out of hand."

"They should know Pewds and Marzia are here."

Red shrugs, and opens the door. Utter silence. "Be my guest." She said.

They walk in, and in the dark storage room, scarce light shone on the features of three men. Scott leant against a wall of boxes and storage on the far corner of the room, and Russ sat on a box beside him. Looking out of the window in silence on the other side of the room was Cry, he turns as Felix walks in. "Hey man." He greets him with a brofist. And smiles at the girl. "Hey Marzia." She smiles back.

"Marzia." Red calls, "Wanna grab something to eat? You must be starving."

Felix nods and squeezes her hand. "Yes please!" She takes Red's cue, and exits the room.

"Sorry about this, Pewds. We were just trying to sort out a plan."

"It's cool. What's happening?"

"We were thinking... the best idea is to go. Away from the city. Far as possible." Ken explains. "But to do that, we need working cars. A few of them."

"We have plenty of cars around here. Most of them would be working. We just need petrol." Russ stands up, and says to Pewdie. "There's a petrol station just an hour walk eastwards. There are less zombies on that road, we can get there with more ease. Get the petrol, and get back."

"It's safer." Scott adds.

"But there is another petrol station near mine." Cry's voice was deep, and assertive. "North. 20 minutes walk tops. Plus I have an actual working car. We have no idea if any of these cars will work or not."

"I don't see the problem with that plan." Pewdie said.

"Problem is," Scott chuckled. "Mister Cry here lives right opposite of a school. When this broke out, literally thousands of walkers were born. It's way too crowded and risky to go that way."

Cry insists. "At least going that way can guarantee a working car."

"But can we guarantee our safety?" Russ' voice began to rise. "I know you want to go to back but not at the cost of other's lives! Besides, he might not even be-"

Russ was grabbed by his shirt collar and slung against the wall, pinned down by Cry. The panic in the room was suddenly replaced with cold frustration. "He is alone." Cry said. "He won't be fine if I leave him like some heartless... "

Scott pulls Cry off Russ. But their glare was unbroken. Cry took a deep breath. "I won't let him be alone."

"And I won't let you risk anyone's life to achieve that." Russ replied faintly through gritted teeth.

"Look. We're all tired." Ken broke in, patting them both on the back. "Why don't we sleep on it? You can't think straight like this."

Russ sighs. And nods. He briefly apologizes to his friend, but the hurt man wasn't accepting it. Cry was back to his window, gazing blankly at the world outside. Russ and Scott went out of the room, escorted by Ken. Pewdie stood there, giving him some time.

Silence glazed over the room, for a little while. Then was scared away by a loud bang as Cry punched the wall, then sunk onto the concrete ground.

"Hey." Pewdie approached carefully, and took a seat next to him.

Cry spoke, but didn't look up. "Nathan."


"My brother." He sighed. "I need to know he's fine. We were separated when it all happened... And we promised that if anything happened, we'd meet at home." Cry paused, then began to panic. "I'm not intentionally trying to get people killed. I just... He's my brother. I can't leave him-"

"I know." Pewdie said. "I have siblings myself."


Another brief moment of silence passed. Then Pewdie began. "I'm sure Russ is only trying to protect you. It's his duty as a friend."

"I know that."

"Maybe... he doesn't want to get your hopes up, either."

Cry laughs, but it had no warmth. "Don't say that. That little squirt would be okay." He stands up, and brushes off the dust on his body. "I don't care if they're coming or not. I have to get to him. I'm leaving first thing tomorrow."

You're playing as Pewdiepie / Felix for this Chapter. Your decision will decide what happens and who you'll meet in the next chapter.

Choose your reply:

a) "What? Are you crazy? That's suicide!"
b) "I won't let you go alone. I'm coming with you."
c) "Let's talk to Russ again in the morning. I'll be on your side."
d) "I think Russ' idea seem more practical..."

To be continued...
EDIT: Voting is closed, Chapter 1C is out: [link]

In the last episode...: [link]

Voting is open until december 29th! Get your votes in! :D

Really really long episode... got carried away, sorry if I waffle on! Constructive criticism and spell / grammar corrections are welcomed with open arms!

Until next time!
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